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       In the beautiful rooms with a view of the marina and Amerikakaj, we have room to celebrate all aspects of life. We will happily set the table for your big day, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a confirmation or any other festive occasion. We can accommodate both small and larger companies, and of course, parking is right at the door.
       The narrow terrace makes it possible, the weather allowing, to enjoy your apéritifs, snacks or coffee outside.
       We lay out cushions and rugs, and when the dew falls, we spread out the matching awnings and light the candles.
       We host almost 300 small & large events every year, so whether it is for a wedding, the office party, birthdays, christenings, confirmations, silver or gold anniversaries or just the informal, cosy get-together, we’ll do everything in our power to fulfil your wishes. We know how important it is for everything go exactly according to plan, when you have invited guests for a special occasion. That is why we take the time for an in-depth conversation with you prior to the event, so we can help make the evening as personal and perfect as possible.
       Please get in touch with any questions or wishes that we may assist in sorting out. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests for an unforgettable experience.
       The prerequisite for providing you with the very best for your event is thorough planning and the right communication with you. This is why we ask you to give the following items some thought:

       You are kindly requested to inform us of any special considerations such as allergies, diabetics, kosher meals etc.prior to the event. The listed prices are based on a minimum purchase amount (DKK 30.000 on Wednesday/Thursday, 40.000 Friday/Saturday and DKK 25.000 on other days), and it is a prerequisite that the same menu is served to all participants. For diabetics and vegetarians, however, a suitable special menu is always served.
       Kapacitet – a maximum of:
       96 persons at round tables
       112 persons at long tables
       36 persons at round tables with a seated lounge
       54 persons at round tables with a standing lounge

       It is important that your toastmaster coordinate the events of the evening with the waiter in charge or the kitchen staff.

       If you hire a musician or band, please note that instruments etc. must be in place before the host couple arrives. Please also be aware that musicians are, according to standard contract terms, usually entitled to food and drink – we charge DKK 250 per person for musicians’ meals.

       Served no later than 2:00 am. We recommend 1:30 ... the later it is served, the fewer guests are there to enjoy it. Keep in mind that the midnight snack is not a ”get-out-of-here-meal”. Midnight snacks must be preordered, and the minimum purchase amount must be DKK 3.000.

       Menus for children under 12 years of age are settled at the agreed price. A special children’s menu is offered. We set up beautiful round tables, and the room has its own sound system. A gift table may also be set up upon request. Let us know if you would like us to register the gifts and make a note of names etc. Extra charge of DKK 400.

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