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The Local Philosophy
       Original and authentic local Thai food is at the heart of The Local. Customers will be delighted with an array of delectable local Thai specialties. Each dish is carefully cooked with love according to a secret family recipe handed down over generations using the finest local ingredients from every region of Thailand.

       The Local brings to life long lost recipes lost to present-day urbanites, allowing a glimpse into familiar flavours from the past. These tastes will make you appreciate real Thai cuisine made by real Thai chefs, or, as they are referred to in Thai, mothers of the kitchen.

       "A Place Where You Can Experience Authentic Thai Taste in Every Spoonful."

Chef's Table
       Pleasure your dining with exclusive experience at the Chef's Table. The Local's chef is cooking privately right next to you using all fresh ingredients from the house-grown herb garden.

Naj Collection
       Touch the luminous beauty of Thailand's most prestigious silk
       Sericulture has been in Thailand for more than 3,000 years. Thai silk has become one of the most prestigious symbols of Thailand due to its beauty and distinct characteristic. Naj Collection is a top quality boutique that offers a wide selection of finest Thai silk products from home décor to accessories.

       All of the collections are specially designed with an aim to pursue a sense of class and elegance. Our hand-woven silk products are absolutely stunning as well as durable. Silk is luxurious, glowing and beautiful. It can be a classy work of art for your home or can be the nice accessories to convey your sense of style. Naj Collection - The finest Thai silk souvenirs from home décor to accessories A harmonious blending of colours, volumes and textures

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