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Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

  Chon Buri, Thailand   



The Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is Asias 2nd Hard Rock Hotel (No.4 in the world), reputed as the worlds leading entertainment hotel concept. The colorful American Pop art interior of the hotel was a breath of fresh air compared to the subdued furnishings at many hotels was what Nicole Tan commented in TTG Asia, September 27 - October 3, 2002 issue. Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya has been awarded Hard Rock Hotel of the Year 2005 by Hard Rock International and rated as a 4-star property by the Hotel Standard of Thailand, the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) and the Thai Hotels Association (THA).

Overlooking Pattaya Bay and outstanding in the heart of Pattaya city, the hotel is an exciting hive of activity. The hotel is also affiliated with the Hard Rock Cafe, the classic American rock 'n' roll high-energy restaurant that first opened in London in 1971. The Hard Rock merchandise shops are a fundamental part of the history of Hard Rock- and of pop culture as well. Today, merchandise with the Hard Rock logo is seen and worn by millions of people from every corner of the world!!

We are committed to serve the highest standard of service to all our "Stars" and we as the "Band Members" walk on the track of the Hard Rock Mottos : All is One , Love All - Serve All , Take Time To Be Kind and Save the Planet.

"You Know Who You Are? and Where to Work"
We employed equally that all ways possible
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