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Buddy Group Thailand

  Bangkok, Thailand   

Buddy Group Thailand

Under its umbrella called ?Buddy Group? is operating two industries which are Hotels & Resorts and Pubs & Restaurants.?

We are looking for talent with unique personalities and a sense of character.

People with a passion for hospitality and welcomes all candidates to join us for the following positions:

ประกอบธุรกิจบริการโดยมีโรงแรมร้านอาหาร สถานบันเทิง มีสาขาทั้งในกรุงเทพและ ปากเกร็ด
โดยมีสถานบันเทิง โรงแรม และร้านอาหารในเครือ คือ

The Club?, Brick Bar ,?Tom Yum Kung , Mulligant , Molly Bar , 999 west , The Fabulous , Khin Lom Chom Sa-Plan?
Buddy Lodge ,Hotel Democ, Song Fang Klong.

Buddy Group Pubs & Restaurants?provides entire entertainments for travelers all over the world through various activities aimed at regain

relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to customers.?

There are 3 restaurants including Khinlom Chom Sa-Phan, Tom Yum Kung, Song Fang Klong Restaurant,

and Song Fang Klong Dinner Cruise. Moreover, there are 5 pubs and 1 cafe including, Mulligans Irish Bar,

Brick Bar, Molly Bar, 999 West, The Club and The Fabulous Bar & Dessert Caf?.



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The Club Building: 123 Khaosarn Road, Taladyod , Pra-Nakorn, Bangkok Thailand
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