Welcome and welcome back to KLUB Hotel. For those who have been here before, you can skip this. But if you are new and looking for a place to stay, you are at the right place.

       We believe that hotels do not have to be dull, especially in Bangkok. So we put our fun ideas into the bedrooms and let you put yours into the common room where you will find an array of indoor entertainments, games, mini-cinema and also a massage lounge.

       As KLUB literally means to come back, it is our aim to service and cater to all your needs while you’re in Bangkok in the hope that you will come back to us time and again… and again.
       Sleeping is a serious business. So we are out to make sure that you will have the best overnight experience at KLUB Hotel. Here you will find 4 room types: Suite, Premier, Quattro, and Deluxe. Each accommodation carry a theme of your preference.

       The smoky earthy smell of fresh ground coffee. The milky buttery aromas of pancakes and waffles. The subtle fragrance of Thai jasmine rice. Aromas form a major part of our gastronomical experience. At KLOON, we provide a selection of favorite Thai, Chinese and Western dishes for your enjoyment. We create the aromas. Sit back and enjoy.

       The space is called “KLING” which is to roll. But do as you please. Roll. Laze. Lounge. Read. Relax. The space is yours. We’ve equipped this lounge with lots of fun and games for your enjoyment, or come watch a movie in our cinema, or relax in the massage lounge.

22/1 ซอยสมประสงค์ 2 (เพชรบุรี 15) แขวงถนนพญาไท เขตราชเทวี กรุงเทพมหานคร 10400

Tel: 063-4641013, 02-0829910 | Fax: 0-2082-9919 | E-Mail: [email protected]

Service Charge of October 2019 7,095.59 Baht เซอร์วิสชาร์จ KLUB HOTEL
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