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The Scenical Co.,Ltd.

  Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand   
บริษัท เดอะ ซีนิคอล จำกัด บริษัทผู้บริหารโรงแรม รีสอร์ท Greenery Resort, Botanica Khao Yai สวนน้ำ สวนสนุก และปาร์คมอลล์ บนเขาใหญ่ภายใต้ชื่อโครงการ "The Scenical World"

Botanica is newly built and is designed to bring visitors and nature together, with an open architectural style that allows guests to fully appreciate the natural beauty of their surroundings.

A total of 115 guestrooms including 68 suites provide luxurious and spacious accommodation, with each providing views across the hills and forestlands of Khao Yai, and with private balconies from which to enjoy the cool fragrance of the countryside.

The resor
t is for couples, families, groups of friends travelling together, and for all kinds of incentive travel and corporate events. Our restaurant, Tempo, serves Thai and international cuisines, we offer in-room dining, and our mini-bar is entirely complimentary.

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666 Thanarat Road, Moo See, Pakchong, Nakhonratchasima 30130
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